Women’s talk tours of Broome and beyond


Surround yourself in thousands of years of culture and knowledge

Tours of Broome and Beyond

Sharing the intricate nature and beauty of Aboriginal culture


Women’s talk tours of Broome and beyond

Jarndu Ngaank Women’s Talk Tours are an Aboriginal women’s-led cultural immersion experience that will provide you a better understanding of Aboriginal culture from a senior cultural women Elder’s experience, that you can take back home and share your stories and insights with others.

Since colonisation (200 years ago) Aboriginal women’s voices have been suppressed as a result of historical injustices and male power has been more uplifted. For example, anthropologists and sociologists in times past when researching, only spoke to Aboriginal men and hence male perspectives have become more elevated in the research literature. Aboriginal women were considered to be subservient and thus it was hard for their voices to be heard.

In current times a women’s perspective is more valued and a women’s role is not just seen as an addendum. The Aboriginal women’s nurturing perspective is being brought to the forefront; they are protectors of cultural knowledge, stories and country. Jarndu Ngaank Women’s Talk Tours are a means to right the balance, the female narrative of the tours amplifies the Aboriginal women’s voice as Carers and Custodians of the land.

Aboriginal Tour Broome

A Choice of Three Aboriginal Tours of Broome and Beyond 

Broome Cultural Tour

Town Beach Walk and Talk Tour

A culturally informative 90 minute walk and talk tour right in the heart of Broome…

Bush Tucker Tour

Tag-along Tour to Quandong

An unforgettable cultural immersion on Ngumbarl/Jabirr-Jabirr country…

Women's business tour

Reddell Beach Tour

A refreshing and healing Women’s only tour on Djugun and Yawuru Country…

Smoking ceremony Broome
Broome tour


Each Tour includes a Welcome to Country and a Smoking Ceremony, along with ancient stories connected to the sites visited: First Nations cultural connections to its peoples, the land and environment.

A Welcoming Ceremony invites you in a friendly manner to an area of land; this ceremony shows a sign of respect for the land you are standing on and respect to the Elders, past and present. The Smoking Ceremony is an ancient custom passed down from generation to generation in which native plants (local to the area) are burnt to acknowledge the ancestors and pay respect to our lands, water and country.

Aboriginal tour Broome

“Cultural immersion is the act of surrounding yourself with the culture of a place. It is a unique experience that can open doors to a deeper understanding of an unfamiliar place. This kind of cultural education and immersion can give us something really special to take with us, while allowing us to celebrate the culture of the places we visit.”

“Aboriginal people have a place, and they should not be marginalised or excluded. We are not a primitive people. We care deeply for, and respect, our Country and carry a strong sense of responsibility and custodianship”

Patricia (Pat) “Mamanyjun” Torres