About Us

Patricia (Pat) “Mamamyjun” Torres

Your Tour Guide, Pat Torres has family connections to Djugun, Yawuru, Nyul Nyul, Bard, Jabirr Jabirr and Ngumbarl people in and around the Broome region, West Kimberley. She is a writer, artist, illustrator, educator, Bush Tucker specialist, and most significantly a Djugun/Jabirr Jabirr women Elder and Custodian of her ancestor’s cultural stories and connection to country.

Pat is the Founder and CEO of Mayi Harvests, which promotes sustainable native produce. Pat learnt about medicinal bush food knowledge from her mother, grandmother and extended family while growing up on her traditional country to the north and south of Broome

Pat is an Elder woman, a Custodian of stories, a Descendant of the areas on which these tours take place, through her ancestral lineage she has an intense and intricate knowledge of this country; it is part of her heritage and she has a right and a responsibility to continue the line of stories and to ensure the Tours are conducted in a culturally safe way, with protocols and respect to those who have gone before her.

Pat’s passion to share the intricate nature and beauty of Aboriginal culture from a women’s perspective, teaching tour participants about the sacredness of the land and the deep spiritual connection to it, including the plants, the trees and the animals. Pat walks her talk – she teaches these very stories, protocols and rituals to her children and grandchildren.

“Cultural immersion is the act of surrounding yourself with the culture of a place. It is a unique experience that can open doors to a deeper understanding of an unfamiliar place. This kind of cultural education and immersion can give us something really special to take with us, while allowing us to celebrate the culture of the places we visit.”

“Aboriginal people have a place, and they should not be marginalised or excluded. We are not a primitive people. We care deeply for, and respect, our Country and carry a strong sense of responsibility and custodianship”